Will vaping Packman Disposable affect my life insurance policy?

Having life insurance is a hugely ethical decision for you and those close to you. Leaving something behind for your loved ones after you pass on can alleviate a huge financial burden and ease their recovery process as they won’t have to worry about logistics during an extremely stressful time. However, there’s a seriously unfortunate […]

How To Clean Your Packman disposable Vape Device

There’s nothing worse than when you’ve been using your device for a while and it starts looking a bit worse for wear. It’s a necessity to clean your device every now and then, because long-term usage and performance of your device relies on regular maintenance. This will help maximise flavour on every hit. Hardware maintenance […]

How to Fix a Packman Disposable That’s Not Hitting

Fixing a Packman disposable that is not hitting properly is relatively easy and requires just a few tools and steps. First, make sure the disposable is properly placed on the machine, as a misaligned disposable can prevent it from working properly. If the disposable is properly placed, check to make sure the holes on the […]